Friday, August 12, 2016

Practical Information (Travel and Accommodation)

The conference venue is in Building G of Masaryk University (adderss: Gorkeho 7). Easily accessible by Tram #12 (stop: Grohova) from the railway station.

If you arrive by air, there are three possible destinations to choose from:
1. Brno Tuřany Airport: Brno has a small international airport. Every 30 minutes there is a bus that takes you to the city center. Taxi is another inexpensive choice.

2. Vienna Airport. There is a direct bus service that connects Vienna Airport and Brno (2 hours' ride), operated by Student Agency.

3. Prague is another option. From the airport you may take the same Student Agency bus service to Brno, but the waiting time between the two buses is long (if included, ca. 4.5 hours in total). Alternatively, from the airport you may take Airport Express to the train station, and continue your journey to Brno by train.

Train schedule in English available here.

Brno is 2.5 hours by bus/train from Prague.

Masaryk University has a contract that offers a deal at a four-star hotel close to the train station. The price is 1600 CZK (slightly higher than 60 EUR) per single room per night, breakfast included.

If you wish to make a reservation, contact Wei-lun LU at

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